We put people first. Aiming to make things easier.

Every company faces certain demands in its IT environment, which require structured cost effective solutions.

Matrix Digital supply HP, XWorks and Fujitsu Siemens systems because we believe quality matters. All these manufacturers build a PC or workstation upon which you can rely.

Engineered for top performance, the SCENIC PC is unbeatable in the entry level business computing environments. The entire line is designed and built to be a secure investment well into the future.

A SCENIC works for you and with you.

For example, the demand on networks to assure both ease of administration and the total security of the data it holds.

Because of its excellence in the field of CAD and Media Entertainment XWorks Interactive have developed a range of powerful workstations tailored to individual customer's needs.

If you cant find a suitable workstation to exactly fill your requirements we will find it for you, whatever the specification may be.

Thanks to new chipsets and 64bit operating systems such as Vista and X64, high-end system can now be equipped with up to 128GB of RAM and along with dual, quad and soon 8+ cores to a CPU, PCs have never been more powerfull add
a high-end graphics adapter and it will deliver all the power you need for even the toughest computing tasks: 3D-CAD, 3D Studio applications, numeric simulation or real-time object animations and video editing.



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