Matrix Digital can provide all of your hardware and network installation requirements.

Any organisation that is wishing to improve productivity and is considering utilising a computer network within their business must be able to rely upon it to deliver data and services swiftly and reliably in all operating circumstances.

Our 'Microsoft Certified Professionals' can assist you in specifying suitable hardware and network configurations to optimise your software's performance and remove the stress of selecting a networking solution that best suits the requirements of your business.

Choosing the correct operating system for your requirements can be difficult so we will guide you in your choice enabling you to make an informed and hassle free decision.

Matrix Digital have experience of many types of operating environment. We have chosen to specialise in the Microsoft range of products, because of their user-friendliness and for the large number of value added features that are included.

Whatever your size of business there is a Microsoft product to suit you:

Small business with 2 - 10 people requiring shared computer access.

Where only file sharing and print sharing is required, with only a medium level of security, a Windows XP or Vista Local Area Network would be a good choice.

Medium business with 5 - 25 people requiring shared computer access.

Where there are a few more users and a higher demand for security as well as shared e-mail, Internet access, file and printer sharing Microsoft's Small Business Server 2003 is the ideal choice. It offers all these options and supports Windows XP or Vista workstations as well as older Windows NT, 2000 or 98 Workstations.

Large business with 10 - 100 people requiring shared computer access.

Where there are many users perhaps spread over a large geographical area, with maximum security requirements, with a need for highly organised e-mail, Internet Access, Corporate Shared Database, and departmentalised organisational structures, Windows 2003 Server with XP or Vista Workstations would offer the best of both worlds.

We can help you to make the correct choice of product for your company, carrying out all the installation, configuration of hardware, software and cabling. This would provide you with a system that can be expanded in the future as new technologies become available.

Matrix Digital can enable you to make the best use of today's technology, such as broadband, the Internet and World Wide Web access, e-mail and Video Conferencing all at affordable cost and with the minimum of disruption to your business, even if it means installing a system in the evenings or at weekends.

We can also help you to make the most of Portable computing using laptops which can enable you to attach to your network via broadband and access all your resources as if you were in the office.

Matrix Digital Technical support services are second to none and we believe a fast and positive response is the only response our customers should receive.

If you would like further information on our services and products, including more technical details please contact us.


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