We belive that e-commerce and e-business solutions should be flexible, reliable, secure and above all affordable.

Today, more and more business is taking place on-line. Not just for sales and transactions, but because of the ability to exchange information almost instantly. The Internet alone has brought more people and businesses together interactively than anything else on the planet - ever - with the exception of the telephone on which the World Wide Web depends. And why not? People on opposite sides of the world can sit and meet, "face to face" (with the appropriate equipment), and discuss business, exchange ideas or information, instantly send documentation and images and make transactions all from their home or office.

Actinc Online Catalogue Solution

Actinic Catalog offers a complete, affordable solution for small and medium-sized businesses to easily design, build, and manage online stores. Actinic Catalog incorporates all the components of an e-commerce site, including a comprehensive product catalog, electronic shopping cart, encrypted security, and online order processing offering a powerful, feature-rich solution to support business-to-consumer (B2C) initiatives.

Actinic Business equips small and medium-sized businesses with a comprehensive solution to quickly, easily, and affordably extend their business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) operations to the Web. Actinic Business offers a complete toolset for users to design, build, and manage online stores, including sophisticated features for customer account management, customized pricing, and inventory monitoring.
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